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The statement about Banana PI Agent Lemaker'serious illegal action

2015/8/13 17:06:51      view:10759

                              The statement about banana pi agent LeMakerserious illegal action

1, Lemaker, As the agent of Banana PI, have Violate the agent agreement. They do fake Banana PI, this is not only the problems on the morality, but also a serious offense, we have lawyer deal with this issue.

2, It is a pity that Lemaker registered trademarks privately Without authorization of bananapi R & D team, We will defend to get back bananapi trademark to Banana PI R & D team.

3, The Official Banana PI development Board, it may have different manufacture in the future. But until now, SinoVoip is the only manufacture of Banana PI, so if the Banana PI not from SinoVoip, then is the fake board, the quality is doubtable.

4, Lemaker state that they have sold 30,000pcs Banana PI/month, they said they are the Initiator of Banana PI to cheat Investor . For this, SinoVoip have statement here: Lemaker, as the agent of SinoVoip, they sell less then 5,000pcs in six month. So Investor, please pay high attention to legal risks, Beware fooled.

5, To Lemaker Entrepreneurial students, until they violate the agent agreement, SinoVoip supply full support, including the

previous technical information, the promotion and advertisement of the forum. Now SinoVoip stop the cooperation with Lemaker. BPI-M2, BPI-R1 and BPI-D1 have no any relate to Lemaker.

6, Entrepreneurship, should comply with basic moral and legal, we support more people join in the banana pi team. But like Lemaker, who have lose the basic moral and legal bottom line,  SINOVOP hope you look out for yourselves. Do not bet your own future.

7,now ,banana pi team support forum is : .

agent agreement scanning copy: