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The VoIP telephone, welcomes the brand-new development turning point

2014/6/18 17:40:19      view:4268

Along with market competition intensifying with the enterprise internationalization demand, the more and more enterprises starts to ponder through reduces the operation cost to reduce the enterprise pressure, achieved the acceleration enterprise develops goal. But took through the Internet realization enterprise correspondence one kind of increment application technology, the VoIP appearance has solved the enterprise high quota correspondence expense cloth wrapper, will become the future enterprise correspondence the development tendency.

  VoIP most attracted the user not too to realize the true pronunciation and the data fusion application. The pronunciation no longer is the independent one kind of application, but is becomes can with other real-time applications integrate in together another kind of network application, like immediate correspondence, Web conference, thus strengthens distributes in each place work team and between cooperative organizations cooperation; VoIP may realize and call center Web, the email, real-time chats with the telephone alternately carries on the fusion, thus greatly improves the customer service. VoIP also hopefully applies the realization integration with ERP and other enterprises, thus speeds up the examination and approval flow.

  VoIP market prospect broad, on the other hand, along with the Chinese wide band users further popularization, will be the VoIP market development creation good foundation, the latent VoIP user scale is huger; In the profession distribution, the financial insurance industry, the governmental agency, the public security system, the thing will flow the management, the traveling ticket clerk, the call center, the transportation shipping industry as well as society guarantees, the community property and so on will be the VoIP service main development direction. All these explained that, VoIP is welcoming a brand-new development opportunity.

  How many years regarding used the IP technology to integrate the data and the pronunciation advantage already discussed, why only then starts to the present truly to the IP pronunciation technology transfer? At present facing which questions as is VoIP application each essential link? For example: As the user, how should consider and the original system fusion and the smooth transition as well as investment cost-effectiveness? As the system integration business, how faces the customer the different demand, and realization genuine customer? As the increment developer, how the application which develops you fuses the system? As IP does the PBX factory, how seek to the high quality terminal partner, the promotion entire solution value? In view of these questions, took VoIP the main initiator, the beautiful national treasure advantage passed the company recently separately in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing holds the multi- fields large-scale channel to deliberate the activity, these questions and the profession user and the partner have carried on the thorough discussion, has aroused the field widespread interest.